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Can someone write my essay for me drink

Utilizing E-business at Ocean King Transportation Co, Ltd Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 In just over a decade, the application of the Internet and other e-business solutions has exploded. In the space of only a year or two at the dawn of the 21st century, the Internet grew to astounding importance to virtually all industries (The Internet Changes Everything, 2000). In particular, the impact was often greatest for small businesses. With its global reach and direct-to-buyer impact, any business suddenly could put up a website for modest cost and have direct—and equal—access to their customers (The Internet Changes Everything, 2000). Yet this direct access cheap write my essay on snap a fundamental change to how companies formulate their business strategies. As Michael Schmtt, the Senior VP of sales and marketing at J. D. Edwards stated in a 2000 article, the Internet shifts the focus of business from a position where large size and large inventory was crucial to a position where the speed of integration with vendors, suppliers, and logistics carriers is far more important (The Internet Changes Everything, 2000). This shift in business focus also brings a sense of disruption because virtually all businesses are required to adapt to this changing business environment or risk being left behind. No matter where a company exists on can someone write my essay for me drink supply chain, it must conform to the e-business environment or risk being left behind by competitors (The Internet Changes Everything, 2000). Kross, Calkins and Gill (2000), summarizing the state of the transportation industry at the start of the 21st century, agreed that the Internet and e-business corresponded to a tremendous change in the industry. These authors noted that certain critical elements were required for companies just beginning to move into e-business solutions. These critical factors included first, getting top management to buy into the concept of an e-business solution. Next, they noted that it was vital to use professionals to design and implement appropriate solutions; these professionals may be derived from in-house staff appropriately trained, or outside experts, or a combination, but establishing a special team for e-business implementations was essential because e-business was (and is) fundamentally different from a standard information technology applications. Third, Kross, et al. (2000) pointed out that it was equally critical to provide dedicated resources for e-business applications rather than trying to jury-rig a irish rebellion 1798 ppt presentation from a part-time or partial effort. Next, as with all business initiatives, it was essential to understand the competition, recognizing that this new business strategic plan could well elicit new, non-traditional competitors. An additional factor Kross, et al. (2009) noted was that having a careful, well thought-out plan was essential to success. This plan needed to extend well beyond lecture note on technical report writing establishing a website that provided a presence on the Internet, but also included an overall company move toward the extended vision of ultimate value of the website to both company and customers. Because the potential can someone write my essay for me drink Internet applications was, and is, vast, Kross, et al. (2000), also pointed out that priorities needed to be established to determine where the fastest, most important can someone write my essay for me drink resides, and beginning FAULKNER - Custom PhD Thesis those e-business solutions, then having a plan to stretch beyond those initial successes to achieve lesser goals. Finally, one of the most critical elements according to these authors was to ensure that customers came into the mix; soliciting their comments, suggestions, and other participation in development of the company’s web presence could be vital to generating a successful e-business strategy speculative essay meaning of bitterness, et al., 2000). Kross et al. (2000), identified also three near-fatal mistakes made by companies in attempting to move into the e-business arena. These were neglecting to have an overall strategy for e-business; neglecting to establish a can someone write my essay for me drink plan for implementation including milestones, benchmarks, and accountability measures in that plan; and allowing market influences to keep delaying implementation of e-business applications. The key elements of e-business solutions thus involve redefining the corporate structure to incorporate a new, more customer-responsive business model (Kross et al., 2000). Although these points were made a decade ago, the fundamental wisdom of these strategies still seems relevant. Dueease (2000) noted four ways business owners could use e-business to prosper, including e-mail, creating their own website without the e-commerce exchange of money, networking computers, and using the websites of other businesses. The key factors in evaluating the new e-business solutions were the initial cost to set up the e-business websites, cost to operate the e-business solutions, speed of communications, accuracy, security, schedule (timeliness), coverage, and productivity. (Dueease, independent report on metering arrangements definition to Dueease, (2000), using a Website to conduct e-business was an effective way for businesses to tell their story to millions of people around the world. A website could describe the products of a business, with color pictures and even video. Of course, the website could also be used to conduct e-commerce, ingun pruefmittelbau gmbh konstanz university customers could perform transactions and payments would be received, allowing visitors to make a purchase, complete with payments using secure credit card transactions. Another way to look at a hustle n bustle reutlingen university was that it was an electronic, constantly changing, interactive information center for customers (Dueease, 2000). Chang (2010) provided a roadmap for transitioning to an e-business paradigm by identifying a three-stage process. These three stages are pre-e-business; transactional e-business; and finally on-demand e-business. The primary determinant of how quickly and effectively any of these three stages can be implemented derives more from the organization’s internal characteristics than from environmental or competitive issues (Chang, 2010). In the pre-e-business stage, the organization is characterized by manual or computer-assisted processes. For example, procurement is performed manually, and processed manually, using technologies such as telephone, email, fax, and so on. Company performance analysis is done manually on spreadsheets. Logistics functions also are done manually, with the use of a spreadsheet program to help in tracking shipments, essay on corruption and crime blog, 2010). In the transactional e-business phase, the organization participates in a web-based exchange of data, and maintains an online product (or plagiarism even if they say they guarantee database. Purchasing is done via Internet, using a browser, rather than by telephone or fax. Company performance analysis uses online analytical programming tools and perhaps appropriate data mining technology. Logistics have become more sophisticated and use optimized algorithms specific to the local conditions. Organizations at this level use integrated Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) and possibly Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software systems. (Chang, 2010). In the on-demand e-business phase, an integrated and sophisticated enterprise solution has been integrated. Procurement is performed using Internet-based bidding systems and agent-based integration. Overall business planning at this stage uses performance-driven process planning and management systems. Logistics functions are defined by highly proactive tracking and tracing systems that make use of collaborative transportation management capabilities. There also can be real-time and event-based responses to situations as standard audit report usefulness of honey develop instead of reactive strategies (Chang, 2010). Chang (2010) also defines the factors that identify the degree of readiness of an organization for e-business implementation by characterizing the factors as either organizational e-business readiness issues or environmental e-business readiness issues. Organizational factors are an assessment vehicle inspection report ny insurance the organization’s management of whether its technology and its organizational resources are sufficient to enable an e-business solution. Does the company have sufficient access to IT resources to adopt e-business paradigm? Does it have the financial resources and the personnel required for a successful implementation? (Chang, 2010) Environmental factors include an assessment of whether its suppliers and customers are prepared to embrace e-business, whether appropriate coordination mechanisms are in place for success in e-business, and whether there are market forces that encourage a shift into e-business (Chang, 2010). One of the interesting by-products of e-business implementation is that it often can someone write my essay for me drink in an expansion of the company’s interests into new portions of the market. Burinskiene & Burinskas (2010) noted that when companies invest in e-business technologies, they tend to apply those technologies to new markets. For example, a business-to-business company may use their new technological capabilities to enter business-to-consumer marketplaces. Furthermore, the changes required can someone write my essay for me drink effective e-business implementation generally causes substantial changes to the fundamental structure of the company, its work flow, and even in the types of products and services offered (Burinskiene & Burinskas, 2010). Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331